Must-have resources for PR professionals

Navigating the internet for useful PR resources can be as challenging as finding the truth in a press release.  So let me do it for you.  Here are some of my personal favourites that, as a journalist, I use regularly.

Tweet tweet tweet. It seems the whole world has something to say in 140 characters or less. The Journalists Toolbox is the online site for the Society of Professional Journalists.  They’ve taken the guess work out of tweeting with a list of great resources to help navigate your way around the Twitterverse.  Read it here. If you want to track your tweeting history and develop a social media strategy then TweetStats is also a great site.

I’m constantly asked who the best bloggers are in the travel world yet blogging, like traditional newspaper columnists, is a personal choice.  Seven million women may have loved Eat Pray Love but I wasn’t one of them.  But I digress, don’t ask me ask Influencers in Travel who publish a daily ranking of the top ten online travel influencers around the world.

Pitching stories to journos is one way to get into the media but keeping an ear to the ground for opportunities is another. But how do you find out what stories a magazine or online media outlet is working on?  Sourcebottle sends out alerts on behalf of journalists looking for story content.  You can register for their daily alert summary or follow them on Twitter.

Travmedia is a global company that offers a similar service for journalists.  When an editor asks me for a roundup of sustainable llama programs offered by five star hotels in Russia, Slovakia and Greenland I’ll send out a ‘journalist alert’ through Travmedia to all PRs in their database in both the southern and northern hemispheres hoping they’ll have the answer.  If you’re not receiving journalist alerts then you’re missing out on potential opportunities for your product or client.  They also offer Food4Media and Beauty4Media.

But be warned, if the journalist alert is not relevant to you then don’t try to twist it to make it relevant. Sending a journalist irrelevant material when they have requested a specific answer is going to do you no favours. Instead, keep the journalist’s details at hand and pitch them separately at a later date (and a later date is NOT the next day).

Speaking of beauty, we were weren’t we?  The best resource I’ve found for health and beauty journalists in Australia is The Beauty Directory.  You can send out press releases, list events, promote your product and access a legitimate database of the country’s best health and beauty journalists who are strictly vetted by the site.

Finally, if you’re interested in US media then The Poynter Institute’s daily media update is a must to keep up with who is doing what, where, why and when.

These are just a handful of mine that I use on a regular basis.  What are yours?



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