Friday F*&^%K Ups #1

Friday and it’s the end of the week.  It would be rude of me as a journalist not to share those d’oh-maybe-I-shouldn’t-have-done-that moments from PRs this week.  Why? So we can all learn and play nicely with the other media children.

  1. Where in the PR handbook does it say it’s ok to call a journalist about a non urgent matter after hours on a Friday evening?  Surely they know all hacks are at the bar and two beers down by then. But wait there’s more. The voicemail message (no I did not answer the phone, I had two beers in my hand) asked the journalist, me, to call them on the weekend if I so desire.  Sweet, really but I would hope they were having some downtime from demanding clients and pesky media.
  2. Helvetica 6 is not a font type or size that anyone can read so please do not send me an email in it without couriering me a magnifying glass first.  When I do magnify the email it better not be addressed with a generic Hi rather than personalised to my name.  Oh, too late.  Oh well, guess that pitch is in the deleted folder.
  3. “Thanking me in advance for my support” does not make me feel obligated to print your press release.  It is presumptious.
  4. Skyping me on Australia Day is not ok.  It’s a public holiday and I am on Skype talking to my friends and family, the people I go on holidays (not famils) with.

There endeth the lesson.   Nothing life threatening in there and all dependent upon your existing relationnship with the journo as to whether it’s a no no or not (apart from the font size of course!).

Yes, yes, I do have my own sins to confess – I neglected to rsvp to an invitation this week and the PR had to chase me and I was late filing a story to an editor.  But it’s ok, I have drunk my three Hail Marys.

How was your week?

*check back Monday for gold stars for the best PR initiatives in my inbox last week


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  1. Hey Rachel, I only hope our PR friends read this. Just this week I have two PR “professionals” promise to get back to me with a query. <> Still, it’s Friday and it’s still early. R 🙂

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