A moment of your time for PitchIt2me, me, me

My mother always told me that boasting was gauche, singing your own praises was rude and talking yourself up was a social ‘no no’. On some occasions, she’s right, no one likes a big noter or a bragger mainly because they’re just waiting for a gap in your conversation to  bring it back to them.

But my mother wasn’t right about crusts making my hair go curly (puberty did that) and the wind stopping and freezing the expression on my face (Botox does that), so this time I’m going to risk it and share some of the nicer things people have been saying about our PitchIt2Me workshop series.

“A brilliant PR session” said Danee Georgiou from Run Forrest after our presentation at Destination Melbourne’s Leadership Program.

“Very relevant information with a no-frills, action packed delivery!” gushed Cheryl Jensen from Destination Northland at our Auckland workshop series.

 “Best training I have ever done in my entire PR career” tweeted @Hansnib from Best Western Australia after our Sydney workshop.

“Amazing workshop, you unveiled many of the mystical arts behind pitching” said Pip Moss from The Cancer Council in Sydney.

“What an absolutely fabulous presentation last night! You are the most engaging, funny and lovely Lady!” emailed Deborah Conley from GPT after our AIM presentation.  Deborah, the cheque’s in the mail, $100 per exclamation mark.

“Well worth the investment” stated Justine Bell Morris at our Perth workshop.

Stop, stop, no really, you must, I’m beginning to blush.

If you want in on all the fuss, we’re announcing our new workshop November dates for Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa, Melbourne and Perth tomorrow.

Watch this space.


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