Why the media aren’t calling you back

It is official, ninety three percent of journalists prefer to communicate with PRs and in house marketers by email, not phone.

How do I know this?  Because I’m collating all the results from the PitchIt2Me Media Survey 2012 as I speak (well, type).

So if you want to know why the editor, journalist or blogger you are so desperately trying to get hold of (because you just know your pitch is better than anything they will have received) has not returned your call or email then watch this space.

Seventy five percent of surveyed media only respond to emails and calls that are relevant to them. Is your pitch REALLY relevant to their publication and specialty?

Forty nine percent of surveyed journalists say they only open press releases that are relevant to them. Is your press release subject heading short, sharp, to the point and targeted to the relevant journalist?

When it comes to pitching, eighty two percent of surveyed journalists say they do not want to be pitched to by phone, only email. Are you leaving long winded pitches on voice mails and answering machines just because the journalist won’t pick up the phone?  Well, they’re not picking up for a reason.

I’m really excited by the survey results so far. They are a great teaching tool to show how journalists and media actually work and how PRs can work with them.

Hundreds of journalist from around the globe, both on staff and freelance have kindly given us their time to answer a host of questions that PR folk want answered.

PitchIt2Me workshops use these results exclusively. If you want to know more results then book in to one of our half day training courses on Tourism PR, Social Media, Write On Press Releases and Pitch Perfect Pitching.

Our workshop calendar for 2012 is locked in and we’re coming to Adelaide, Cairns, Perth and Hobart. Don’t worry, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, you’re on our calendar too!


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