What journos really think of you

If you pitch to the media it helps to know what they are thinking.

In February this year over two hundred global lifestyle editors and journalists candidly answered seventy four open and closed ended survey questions in an attempt to make the media and PR relationship easier.

The result? One of the most comprehensive insights into the minds of working journalists in today’s media landscape and a win/win for journalists (if those pitching to the media take note) and a win/win for PRs and in house marketers wanting to get on the good side of the media.

PitchIt2Me’s 2012 Media Survey “Straight from the Media’s Mouth” gives PR professionals, in house marketers and business operators the truth with a thirty two page report on the media’s working habits, likes and dislikes, use of email and phone habits, press releases, newsletters and pitches, events and meetings, social media, video use, image use, famils and press trips and more.

Did you know that over 50% of journalists believe that most PRs don’t know the difference between a pitch or a press release? That journos receive an average twenty five press releases a day? That over ninety percent prefer email to phone communication?

Up to now only delegates of PitchIt2Me PR training workshops have had access to the previously unpublished statistics from former surveys. But now this invaluable information could be yours and is available for any marketer and business owner looking to improve their media relationships.

The report is FREE and can be downloaded here. 

“It is an essential guide to improving your media results, every PR professional or business person should read this report”

Caroline Davidson, Davidson Communications


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